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Your wedding day is the most important & memorable day of your life. Entertainment is one of the most important decisions to make in order to make that day perfect & DJ Chelli can make it happen. She will please you & your guests to make that night unforgettable.


From the hottest nightclubs to the most classy restaurants, DJ Chelli will fit the mood for any situation. Having the right DJ for your bar/restaurant/nightclub will increase your profits and make your customers very happy. 


From Sweet 16's to corporate events DJ Chelli does it all! You think it, she's got it! With the right entertainment, your party will be a blast and will have your friends and family talking about it for years. Want a party that is unforgettable? DJ Chelli has the right tunes.


Everyone now-a-days call themselves a DJ, but these DJ's out there don't have the music videos that we have. Having a video DJ (VJ) at your party, bar, event, etc. will make a huge difference & will bring back old memories & will start new ones!


Producing music, video editing, lighting effects, props & favors, & much much more! Extras can be a company favor like making a jingle or add a little something extra for your party or event!

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