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DJ Chelli had been DJing since the age of 15. She started at a company called DoAll Disc Jockeys which opened up in 1984 and is owned by Peter Manfredo, who is also her father. DoAll Disc Jockeys is now formally known as "Do All Multi-Media." They DJ all over New Jersey and NYC and are known for DJing with music videos (VJ) and for having Female DJ's. She has three older sisters, two of which only DJ. Deejay MaryD and DJ Jess. 


DJ Chelli was born Michelle Manfredo on April 29th 1994. She grew up in Hackensack NJ, and moved to Flanders, NJ when she was 6. Growing up in music, it made her become a singer/songwriter and she wrote her first song when she was just 8. At the age of  9, she started singing on a CD called "Hip Kiddy". A CD made for kids sung by kids. She worked with Hip Kiddy until the age of 14. Chelli remade the 1980s hit song "What Do All The People Know," originally done by The Monroes.


DJ Chelli is known for her sassy fashion sense, her colored hair, and her stage presence. She is a new trend and a bursting bubble of happiness. She currently remixes music, makes her own sounds, and DJ's all over. One of NJ's favorite female DJs. Follow her on social media to see what else she is up to!

"Very professional and extremely talented, highly recommend DJ Chelli to anyone looking to take their party up a notch!"

                                                             - Mark Chillis (Party Client)

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