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  All nightclubs, bars, & restaurants all want happy paying customers. They want to make money & have great entertainment. DJ Chelli DJs with music videos & in prepared with all types of music to fit your situation. Chelli always shows up and will always have a cover if she cannot make it. She will make any announcements needed by the owner and will write certain messages on the screen such as birthdays, drink specials, etc.


99% of DJs DO NOT have the license to play recorded music. Since 1983, (DoAll Disc -) have met the requirements of ( A.S.C.A.P. , B.M.I. & S.E.S.A.C.) Make sure your DJ requires a license before playing at your venue. 


DJ Chelli has thousands of music & music videos to please your guests and will ensure that even the customers that are just sitting & drinking will have a great time.

Things DJ Chelli Need To Know:


1) What days of the week she needs to perform

2) Location

3) How many hours (Normally 4)

4) Does she need to bring equipment (Speakers, TV's, Players,ect.)

5) Last call for alcohol



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